Project No. 4 - "Dr. Guillotin" Rash Guard

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The origins of the guillotine as it is known today date back to the late 18th century. Dr. Joseph-Ignance Guilllotin, the man whom the guillotine was named after, was ironically opposed to capital punishment. However, seeing that his personal views on the subject did not discontinue any executions from taking place, he yearned for a gentler approach to execution. Beheadings at the time were carried out with either sword or ax, and were often very grotesque and carried out sloppily, bringing unnecessary anguish to an already doomed individual. Dr. Guillotin dreamed up a machine that was intended to make executions as swift and painless as possible for the individual being eliminated. Along with the help of French doctor Antoine Louis and German harpsichord maker named Tobias Schmidt, he was able to conjure a machine that eliminated human error from the task of execution. The guillotine claimed upwards of 50,000 domes during its 189-year reign, until capital punishment in France was finally abolished in 1981.

The only other guillotine that has been more efficient and holds a greater legacy than the French machine, is the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and combat sport staple: The Guillotine Choke. Due to its simplicity, practicality, and effectiveness, we believe that the guillotine choke has origins that perhaps date back to combat itself. We have seen a countless multitude of grapplers and mixed martial artists alike become so proficient at the technique that their names have actually become closely associated with the choke. Grappling titans such as Marcelo Garcia and Kron Gracie are just a few of the formidable names that must be mentioned when the guillotine choke is discussed. Even though the guillotine choke is a technique that has been around since the early days of Japanese Jujitsu, it is still nearly impossible to attend a grappling tournament right now or watch a full UFC card without bearing witness to at least one variation of the choke being applied successfully.

The parallel to the guillotine choke and the machine used during the French revolution is remarkably beautiful. Both were designed as a gentler way to handle a man that needed to be handled. Instead of violently hacking at people’s necks, the French gave birth to the guillotine. Instead of striking your opponent into unconsciousness, BJJ has the guillotine choke. 

To honor the timelessness of this technique, MIGHTY JUNGLE presents: The “Dr. Guillotin” Rash Guard.

This fully sublimated rash guard is crafted from a strategically balanced blend of polyester and spandex to ensure both maximum comfort and durability.